for my best friend, who did exactly this. but i cant help but love her

"i just wanna love and be loved. is that so hard? the thing is i dont even care about having a girlfriend or boyfriend, I just want a friend. that one friends who always looks for you, who eants to be with you, who has fun with you, that friend that you just love. i’ve lost it. twice. i can endure once, but not twice or three times. i have lost countless friends and now i have none. i dont even know what to do, let alone how to start. how do you start from zero with people you already know? is it possible? suggestions? please inbox me :)"
"I just wanna be happy… aparently thats too hard"


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(Via MeGustaMemes: Purely funny memes)

scumbag teachers..

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sounds like a friendzone~~
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